Geodetic base plans 

As a result of surveying or inventorying buildings, we prepare views, sections and floor plans of the building. To survey the building, we use either a laser scanner or a tachymetric building surveying method. The end result of the work is digital and graphic building views, sections and floor plans. If necessary, we also issue a point cloud and a 3D model of the building to the customer. An inventory is ordered if the building is not listed in the register, if there is a desire to measure or rent the premises and there are no exact dimensions, if the building is to be redesigned or if digital plans of the building are needed.

A selection of building surveying works carried out by us:

Nautica Center. Total volume 24,000 m²
Surveying of four different Estonian ministry buildings. Total volume 20,000 m²
Surveying of the Kodulahe quarter after the completion of construction
Survey of the former maritime academy building
Laser scanning of the old market building in Tammsaare Park
Measurement of the facades of the Estonian Theater
Surveying the stores of the Maxima chain of stores
Laser scanning of the Mäkelänkatu 91 shopping center
Surveying of the Kadaka Selver building
Survey of the building of the extension of the University of Tartu clinic
Surveying of Tallinn Port buildings
Surveying of the Raasepor hotel building in Finland using the laser scanning method
Building measurement of the future presidential residence using the laser scanning method


With KeyLight you can find objects based on attributes like renovation needs, lamp types, installation dates etc. and highlight information on map to understand better where to focus investments and maintenance resources.


Understand how network is constructed and what streetlight premise is feeding which area. Find the right premise fast by highlighting feeding areas based on cable connections.