Laser scanning

We offer a full BIM model baseline modeling service. Our range of services includes both laser scanning and 3d modeling. It is possible to order only a point cloud, but we can say with a clear conscience that we can also successfully create a correct 3D model based on customer feedback.
Laser scanning is the leading technological solution for realizing 3-dimensional visualizations or images of the real world. Data collection or surveying using laser scanning technology can be performed during planning or design activities, before and after construction activities, and of course also during construction activities.
Laser scanning makes it possible to collect a very large amount of data in a short period of time, which can be processed in the form and volume you need. A laser scanner is a high-precision technological device that allows the operator performing a laser scan to collect millions of points every second during its operation, in simpler terms, a million measurements are made every second within the working radius of the laser scanner. As a result of the measurement work, a 3D point cloud is created from the object being measured, which can be used for 3D modeling or 2D drawing of almost all the objects contained there.

Laser scanning, which is currently still a fairly new technology used in surveying, is growing in popularity every year, and the point cloud is increasingly becoming a daily work tool. On the one hand, device manufacturers are working hard to ensure that laser scanners are able to create better and better point clouds in ever shorter time, on the other hand, software developers face the challenge of how to get data from the point cloud automatically and with less labor cost.

Comprehensive and reliable data are invaluable in making the right decisions in the construction industry. 3D surveying provides us with valuable information that can be used by architects during design work, drafters during construction, and real estate managers during the administrative phase.

Products produced during laser scanning :

1. Point cloud - the most primary and fastest delivered product during laser scanning surveying. A point cloud is a set of point clouds of individual survey positions collected from individual laser scanning survey positions that have something in common, linked together and cleaned of excess noise. The point cloud can be used for: taking measurements, fixing the situation, archiving, data processing, calculating volumes.

2. BIM model - in our company, one of the most common customer requests, besides the 2D drawings of the building, is precisely the BIM surveying model of the building, the building execution model or the model of the initial situation of the building. There are different names, but the content is the same. A 3D model of a building is a 3D model of an existing building, which may be needed, for example, by an architect as a basic design model or by a property manager to link with management software.

3. 2d drawings - the point cloud is a very good tool for creating 2d drawings. There is a lot of information in the point cloud. According to the initial task of the work, for example, architectural drawings of the building, inventory drawings, a drawing of an important or unique detail or any other 2D drawing that may be needed at the moment can be made.

In addition to everything else, laser scanning provides an opportunity to collect data from a distance. Measurement in hard-to-reach places is safe and non-contact thanks to the laser scanner. The laser scanners we use allow us to measure data from a distance of up to 350 meters.